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Pete Webber
Havok - United States


HAVOK drummer, Pete Webber, is a drumming sight to behold. Mixing relentless brutality and technical proficiency, Webber’s chops are top-notch. At the age of 10, Webber began taking drum lessons and developed proficiency in jazz, rock, funk, metal, and Latin drum styles. Formerly of Ravage (Metal Blade Records), Pete trekked to the wild west of Denver, Colorado to join thrash masters, HAVOK (Candlelight Records). Webber joined the band in March of 2010, quickly learning the songs and leaving for tour within days of meeting the band.

Following the success of HAVOK’s 2010 tours with HammerFall and Primal Fear, Webber jumped into the writing process for HAVOK’s sophomore album, “Time Is Up”. The fall of 2010 was spent in the woodshed where Webber laid down drum tracks for the new album, which was recorded using his Pearl Masters MCX Maple kit. The album showcases Webbers utilization of double kick patterns and a variety of advanced drumming techniques that any drummer could appreciate. “Time Is Up” is slated for a March 29, 2011 release.


Equipment Configuration

Reference Series:
Arctic White (109)
w/ black hardware

20x18 bass drum x2
10x9 tom
13x11 tom
18x16 floor tom
14x6.5 Sensitone Premium Beaded Brass snare drum

BC1030 boom stand x4
C1030 straight stand
H2000 hi hat stand
S1030 snare stand
D2500 throne
TH1030S tom holder x2
ADP30 adapter
ADP20 adapter x2


Masters MCX Series: Lime Sparkle Fade (#364)

10x8- rack tom
12x9- rack tom
16x16- floor tom
22x18- bass drum (x2)
13x5 Omar Hakim Signature Snare Drum