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Dustin Boltjes
Skeletonwitch - United States


Dustin Boltjes was recruited by Skeletonwitch as their drummer in 2011. 

He joined Indianapolis-based death/thrash metal band Demiricous in September 2006. He replaced former Godbelow and Brand New Sin drummer Mike Rafferty, who had been Demiricous' touring drummer since January 2006. 

Dustin Boltjes has also been playing with The Dream Is Dead since Spring 2002, replacing previous sticksman Alex Bond. Boltjes continued to play with The Dream Is Dead after joining Demiricous. 

Previously Dustin Boltjes played with Forefront and Rise of the Juggernaut.


Skeletonwitch's Official Website

Dustin Boltjes on Myspace

Equipment Configuration

Vision Birch Lacquer (VBL): Black Ice (234)

22x18- bass drum (x2)
10x8- rack tom
12x9- rack tom
16x13- hanging floor tom
14x5- Sensitone Elite snare (steel)