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Darrin Pfeiffer
Goldfinger - United States


Darrin Pfeiffer isn't a smart man.

Darrin Pfeiffer isn't even a good looking man.

He really has nothing going for him except that he knows how to cook an AMAZING chicken cordon bleu...and he also plays drums like a freak.

Darrin's life was really tough growing up in the caves of Buffalo New York. Life was a constant struggle. Darrin spent most of his days hunting & gathering for his family of 13. Life in the bush of Buffalo was hard & treacherous and the family had little money for anything, but Darrin managed to land a gig at the local newspaper as a tester of ink(s) see if they were poisonous to humans.

Darrin was able to save enough money to buy a Pearl Export drum set. He used bones from the animals he killed as drumsticks and sheet metal from a local junk yard as cymbals.

Darrin practiced everyday, moved to LA and helped form Goldfinger and the rest, as they history. Darrin isn't a smart man...but he knows good drums when he hears them. PEARL BABY!!!



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Equipment Configuration

SRX Sessions Select Series
22x16 bass drum
8x8 tom
10x10 tom
12x10 tom
16x16 floor tom
14x5 Free Floating brass snare drum