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Aaron Ovecka
I, the Breather - United States


I started playing on my first drum kit around age 13. Playing along to some of my favorite rock and metal bands for hours-on-end, I really started to grasp the concept of drumming and wanted to take my new talent to the next level. I decided to film myself playing through some of my favorite band's songs to see how closely I was playing to the actual drummer and I thought my videos were pretty good! So, I started posting my videos to YouTube to see what others thought of them. My parents recognized that this was more than a passing interest, because of the amount of hours they would be stuck listening to me practicing in the basement, and eventually got me my first Pearl drum kit; a Pearl Vision Series, Birch kit with a 'blurple' finish. After continuing to make videos, I started to make connections with other drummers in metal and joined my first touring band, This Or The Apocalypse. I played with TOTA for about two years, touring all over the U.S. and Europe, and we even changed my 'blurple' finish to a dark wood stain. After those two years, I parted ways with This Or The Apocalypse to join another touring metal band, I the Breather. I've had the privilege of tracking drums on our newest album, "Life Reaper," which was the first album I have ever written and tracked my own drums on. We toured for an entire summer on Vans Warped Tour through 2014 and have plans to return to Europe. I still continue making drum videos for my YouTube channel to this day and still have just as much drive to become the best I can be as I did when I started playing.

I recently received my newest Pearl kit, a Pearl Masters MCX with an Ash Tamo Fade, and I am extremely impressed with the craftsmanship and beauty of this kit. I am extremely thankful and blown away to be a part of the Pearl family. After being such a huge fan of the company and their artists, it's a dream to be able to officially say that I am a Pearl artist myself.

Aaron Ovecka - I the Breather


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Equipment Configuration

Masters MCX
Ash Tamo Fade (810)

20x18 bass drum
12x9 tom
16x16 floor tom

BC1030 boom stand x3
TC930 tom/cymbal stand
S930D snare stand
H2000/C hi hat stand