Hybrid Exotic


Hybrid Exotic

Hybrid Exotic

For the ultimate in power and prestige, shell choices include spun-composite , seamless Cast Aluminum, and Kapur/Fiberglass.


Hybrid Exotic VectorCast™ Snare Drums present a look into the future of drum making. Featuring aspun-composite material developed for aerospace engineering, VectorCast's innovative shell is the purest representation of Pearl’s finest craftsmanship.

Cast Aluminum

Pearl's UltracastAluminum shells are famous for their soniccombination of controlleovertone andcutting metal attack. The Hybrid Exotic Cast Aluminum5mm/3mm/5mm milled shell provides superb sensitivity and ultra-wide dynamic range, from a whisper to a scream.


To capture sonic perfection for true professional, Pearl’s latest experiments with different material combinations have yielded new tonal frontiers in our new Hybrid Exotic Series snare drums. The purest representation of Pearl’s finest craftsmanship, Hybrid Exotic shell choices include spun-composite VectorCast™, dual-step seamless Cast Aluminum, and cross-laminated Kapur and Fiberglass, for the ultimate in power and prestige.