Drum Pedals Accessories


Drum Pedals Accessories

Drum Pedals Accessories

Keep your pedals flying and primed for speed.

Eliminator Option Cam

Pearl's Eliminator 2050 Series Bass Drum Pedals feature the world's only patented interchangeable cam system. There are 6 different color-coded cam options (4 included with every pedal and 2 more optional). Each cam option has a different profile that allows you to quickly adjust the power and feel to suit your individual playing needs. Changing the cam is as simple as pushing the release button and snapping another cam in place.

Beater Weight

Pearl's BW100 Beater Weight adds massto your beater for increased power. The BW100 comes with three pieces, utilize one, two or all three.

Ninja Oil

Reduce unwanted friction and keep your bass drum pedal in prime working condition with Pearl's Ninja Bearing Oil.