Nancy Zeltsman Special Edition


Nancy Zeltsman Special Edition



Nancy Zeltsman Special Edition

Initiated at the personal request of legendary Marimba Artist Nancy Zeltsman, the Alpha Z-Frame integrates the instrument’s support section with the flowing Alpha rail and resonator design for a cohesive and complete look. The new angled pillar height adjustment system and shorter treble-end wheelbase, along with detailed and similarly contoured wooden components, create a look that is immediately recognizable yet is seamlessly incorporated into the distinctive Alpha Series form.


Alpha Z-Frame Marimba

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The Singular Pillar design of the Alpha “Z” Frame was inspired by the fixed landing gear of aircraft, offering a handsome and strong casting with an elegant streamlined shape. The wing-shaped supports present a flowing and minimalist design solution, creating a triangular profile that nearly gestures to the player to stand behind it.


Honduras Rosewood


Alpha Tuning System


5.0, 4.3


Alpha Z-Frame with Angled Pillar Height Adjustment System




Tunable Bass Resonators


Short nylon drop cover, included

1 pair of mallets, included

Soft Bag sets & flight cases available

Nancy Zeltsman

Z-Frame Inspiration

“I love the lines of the upper-frame of the original Adams Alpha Marimba designed by KesselsGranger Design Works (released in 2012). My suggestion was to continue its sleek, modern design elements into the lower portion of the frame for a cohesive look. It was a funny coincidence (given the “Z” of my surname) that the design solution the engineers and designers at Adams came up with was a Z-shaped height adjustment system. In addition to the frame, we brainstormed a new color combination using a lighter resonator color and rich dark brown for the frame that we feel is warm yet modern. I think the resulting design is very striking aesthetically – and unique!”

— Nancy Zeltsman