JJ Tartaglia


JJ Tartaglia

Skull Fist / Thunderor

JJ Tartaglia

Skull Fist / Thunderor

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JJ TARTAGLIA is the drummer for Canadian heavy metal band SKULL FIST. He is also most recently fronting his own band THUNDEROR as lead vocalist/drummer. Hailing originally from Cape Breton, JJ is a professional live/studio drummer now based in Toronto. He is recognized for his musical, versatile, and aggressive drumming style and is an official endorsee of Pearl Drums, Ahead Drumsticks and Remo Drumheads. JJ is a long-time veteran of the stage and of the road. He began touring at the age of 15 and has performed in 35+ countries including major outdoor festivals across the globe. He has established a reputation for his originality, visual technique, ambidexterity, and his signature super-high cymbal setup.

In the beginnings of his career, JJ most notably cut his teeth drumming for ZEROSCAPE and FINAL TRIGGER throughout the early 2000s, releasing 5 albums cumulatively with extensive touring throughout Europe and the USA. 
In 2014, JJ became the official drummer for SKULL FIST and has done headlining tours around the world in support of their sophomore album “Chasing the Dream” (JUNO award nominated for Best Metal/Hard Music Album in 2015) and for their following album “Way of the Road” released in 2018.

JJ is also the official drummer for symphonic metal group OPERUS, death metal band OF HATRED SPAWN, hard rockers MOKOMOKAI and STARCRASH, and has done live session work for such bands as HED PE, IRON REAGAN, THE CREEPSHOW and many others.


Reference Series:
#165 Diamond Burst


22x18 bass drum x2
8x8 tom
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom


14x6.5 Free Floating brass snare 
14x6.5 Reference snare




DR-503C ICON rack 
RJ-50 mini-extension bar
PCX-100 clamp x8
PCL-100 clamp x 2
TX-100 extender x3
H-2000 hi-hat
HA-100 bass drum attachment
S-1000 snare stand
P-3000D Demon Drive pedal x 2
D-2500 throne
B-1000 boom stand x3
CH-1000 boom stand x3
T-1000S tom holder x3
HA-130 hi-hat adapter