Henry Chauhan

Henry Chauhan

Henry Chauhan

Henry Chauhan Drums

Henry Chauhan

Henry Chauhan Drums

Country:   United Kingdom Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Henry started playing drums at just 5 years old, and quickly progressed to achieve grade 8 in rock school drums by the time he was 10.


Soon he was jamming effortlessly along to songs by Linkin Park, Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold - His family and friends started to realise his potential and encouraged him to share his drumming skills online.


With the help of his parents, he uploaded his first drumming video onto youtube November 2019 and within 12 months had grown his online following to over 150.000 subscribers across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


During that period, Henry has collaborated with other talented young musicians around the world - from signed artists, talent show finalists and award winning guitarists.


He has also featured on Sky News’s kids TV show ‘FYI Kids’ which is broadcast to thousands of viewers in each week in the UK.




22" Bass Drum

10" Tom

12" Tom

16" Floor Tom

14" Snare Drum



P-3002D Demon Direct Drive Double Pedal