Doc MacNab


Doc MacNab

Ryan Daniel / The Raygun Girls

Doc MacNab

Ryan Daniel / The Raygun Girls

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Doc MacNab is a North Carolina-based reliable, flexible and personable drummer. With many modern rhythms and classic styles, Doc is currently supporting country singer Ryan Daniel and brings a youthful exuberance to today's music. Inspired by drummers like Neil Peart (Rush) to John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Carter Beauford (Dave Matthews) to Ronnie Vannucci (The Killers), Doc also adds his personal touch to lay a solid foundation to any song. Doc is a touring, sub and session drummer.


Doc MacNab delivers a polished and efficient experience to the music and can be relied on to energize the band and the audience. Doc delivers what's called for: whether it's being on time for a show (yes, some drummers can be on time) or being prepared for the studio, Doc's overall professionalism, proficiency and musicality makes him an asset to any project.


Raised in industrial northeast Ohio, Doc's childhood was inspired and informed by the FM radio revolution of the 1970's. With a formal musical path that began in the public school setting at the age of 10 and he left home at 17 for US military service. Trained as a medic, a paratrooper and eventually performing his duties in a Special Operations capacity, Doc eventually left military service after more than 8 years. In that time, Doc MacNab had deployed to hot and cold spots all over the globe, serving soldier and citizen alike.


After military service, Doc continued his education in percussion studies at the University of North Carolina, where he participated in the recording of the percussion orchestra compositions of Philip Parker. After an educational hiatus, Doc later finished his formal education at Virginia Commonwealth University, earning a BA in English and Religious Studies and a Master of Teaching in 2000. Doc's percussion studies have included such esteemed teachers as Robert Bonora, Cort McLaren, Danny Gottlieb, Loren "Pookie" Weisman, Frank Colonnato and Joe Morello.


Doc MacNab has had the pleasure and honor to work with some noteworthy players and groups in the music industry, like Marillion guitarist Steven Rothery, country singer Ryan Daniel, infamous spoon player Artis the Spoonman, Chapman Stick and German-born Mobius Megatar virtuoso Dino Haak and singer Katy Cornell (Chris Cornell's younger sister.) Doc has also played internationally with the US Department of Defense touring band Broken Wings, playing to a festival crowds in the Republic of (South) Korea.


Doc's most recent project is 2011 Carolina Music Award nominee, Ryan Daniel has been described as "What country music used to be about." Daniel's first effort, Love, Life and Memories, seamlessly blends warm vocals, touching lyrics, and a strangely optimistic melancholy in a cohesive album that most every country music fan can relate to.


With thick layers of instrumentation fronted by Daniel's trademark warm tenor voice and a tender ear for sophisticated pop-country poignancy, Daniel is able to combine the strength and warmth of Garth Brooks with the country fun of Brad Paisley. Doc's addition to the band ensured a performance that stays true to the spirit of Ryan Daniel's first album's styling. Doc's on-stage persona helps to the crafting of a tightly-produced, hook-laden country show that appeals to traditional, modern, and sentimental fans alike. Tracks "Honky Tonk Holiday" and "Unknown Soldier," were certified No. 1 and No. 3 respectively on the International Association of Independent Recording Artists (IAIRA) music charts.


Though, even with a sometimes-sad atmosphere looming overhead, sunshine does crack through the clouds and promises that life truly is good. And as poignant as it is for today, there is hardly a heart that Daniel's words and voice won't touch. As any good country album will, Ryan Daniel's Love, Life and Memories has you remembering the past and thinking about the present. With love songs and songs about duty, friends and pride, your own love, life and memories are sure to be sung right back at you.


Prior to his NC relocation was Doc's involvement with KillZone Records' Industrial-Metal band, The Raygun Girls, in New York City. The Raygun Girls are lighting up the underground metal scene all over the US and Europe. The Girls play and wow crowds all over Manhattan with their own style of electronic hard rock, reminiscent of Lacuna Coil or Evanescence. Doc MacNab has also worked as a club and radio DJ. During that time he was also electronic music director, then later Program Director and finally General Manager at WVCW radio in Richmond, VA; Doc brings a thorough understanding of electronic music to his drumming including playing on the click-track grid.


Masters MCX: Diamond Glitter (409)

24x18 Bass Drum
10x7 Tom
12x8 Tom
13x9 Tom
14x11 Tom
16x13 Floor Tom
18x16 Floor Tom


14x5- Sensitone Elite (Brass)
14x6.5- Sensitone Elite (Aluminum)
14x6.5- Custom Classic (maple)
14x5- Sensitone Elite Snare (Steel)
13x5- Omar Hakim Sig. Snare