Daniel Cardoso

Daniel Cardoso

Daniel Cardoso

Anathema / studio

Daniel Cardoso

Anathema / studio

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Daniel Cardoso is a proliferous drummer and record producer, hailing from sunny Portugal.

He is best known as the drummer in the British progressive-rock band Anathema, where he also played keyboards for a while before switching to his instrument of choice: the drums.

With Anathema Daniel has played hundreds of shows all around the world, most notably having played on stage with the late professor Stephen Hawking in a once-in-a-lifetime performance at the Starmus festival in Tenerife.

Daniel also played a key part on the acclaimed album Murder Nature by Head Control System where he recorded not only drums, but all the instruments.

At his own studios (UltraSoundStudios / öhme Studios) Daniel has recorded session drums for countless artists and bands, as well as fully produced, mixed or mastered several records.

What about Daniel’s first drumkit ever? A 90’s Pearl Session Series. Little did he know that one day he would become part of the Pearl family.




MCT Masters Maple Complete

20"x14" Bass Drum

10"x7" Tom

12"x8" Tom

14"x12" Floor Tom

14x6.5" Modern Utility Snare


P-2052C Eliminator Redline Double Chain Pedal

H-1050 Hi-Hat Stand

S-1030 Snare Stand

B-1030 Boom Stand

BC-930 Boom Cymbal Stand

C-930 Cymbal Stand

TH-1030S Tom Holder

TC-1030B Tom/Cymbal Stand

ADP-20 Adapter