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Daniel "Deecoy" Antonetti
Independent - United States


Daniel Antonetti is a multi-talented musical performer whose musical family put him in front of Latin percussion instruments “almost simultaneously with learning to walk,” he says.
The youngest son of Victor Antonetti Sr., founder of the fabled Antonetti Orchestra in the 1970’s, Daniel began playing timbales as a pre-teen and eventually became a regular with the orchestra.
Today, while maintaining his position with Orquesta Antonetti (the correct nomenclature), he is now under the leadership of his older brother, pianist Victor Antonetti Jr.  Daniel has branched out into his own explorations of pop culture, fusing Latin, Hip-Hop, and Reggaeton in his debut recording “Ahora si.”
His performance pumps a high energy audience evoking sound, driven by beat machines that reproduce the kicks, and by snares that snap the live authenticity of the reggaeton-hip-hop genre, blended with the Latin tropical flavor of salsa, merengue, bachata and cumbia.
“I’ve designed it so that I can perform live in a variety of ways. I can play solo with DJ, dancers and hype man, or with my full band.”
After backing many Latin greats such as Tito Allen, Willie Colon, Jerry Rivera and just about every artist that’s played in his hometown, Daniel Antonetti says he’s ready now as Deecoy with “Ahora si.”