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Steven Slate
Steven Slate Drums - United States


Steven Slate is a producer, mixer, mastering engineer, and musician in Los Angeles, CA.  His passion for drum sounds became clear early in his mixing career, as his punchy and drum heavy mixes led to his nickname, Bang. He began to record much of what is on the current Steven Slate Drums sample disc at his Boston studio, Bang Recording.

After moving the studio to LA and renaming it Slate Studios, he put his drum sample hard drives in storage and put the project on hold due to a busy schedule of mixing and mastering various artists.  It wasn't for another year until Steven finally found the drives and began to mix and edit the samples.

Soon he began selling parts of his drum sample collection to several top mixers and producers in LA.  Due to rave reviews, Steven stopped booking clients and spent a month making new samples and remixing and editing his old samples so that he could finally finish the disc.  The result is now the finest sounding drum sample library available.

Every single sample on the disc was tested in a real mix.  Steven would process the samples and then put them back in the mix, make adjustments, and then apply those adjustments to the sample set.  This is why little to no extra processing needs to be done to any of the samples on Steven Slate Drums.

After realizing that a simple, dry, drum hit was far from ideal to create a huge and realistic drum sound, Steven created the Z system.  To make the larger then life, ultra 3 dimensional Z2 sets, he used a series of compression, eq, and modulation to ensure that even in a dense mix, the Z2 samples would retain their bigness and depth.

More information on Steven can be found at his studio's website, .  There you can find booking information, and an audio reel of some of Steven's latest mixing and mastering clients.


Steven Slate