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Pipe Band Cases & Accessories

MP Cases

Pearl Hard Cases

Want the ultimate in drum protection? Pearl Hard Cases are rotation molded from durable plastics to withstand anything the road has to offer, plus a whole lot more. These cases are the perfect combination of ruggedness and practicality. Pearl Cases come in a range of sizes to fit bass drums, and marching snare drums.

Pearl Marching Cases are rotationally molded for outstanding durability.

  • PD-1412 fits both 13” and 14” Snare Drums

Pearl Marching Cases are rotationally molded for outstanding durability.

  • PD2614 26”x14” Bass Drum Case
  • PD2814 28”x14” Bass Drum Case
  • PD3014 30”x14” Bass Drum Case

MP Rehearsal Covers

Marching Drum Covers

Pearl’s lightly padded rehearsal covers are designed to help protect your drums from the dents and scratches of your rigorous rehearsal schedule. The light color helps reflect heat to help protect your drums finish and are designed to be easily removed and washed.

Pearl Drum Covers protect your investment from the wear and tear of the season.

  • MDC-14 for 14” Snare Drums

Pearl Drum Covers protect your investment from the wear and tear of the season.

  • MDC-26 26” Bass Drum Cover
  • MDC-28 28” Bass Drum Cover

Pipe Drum Accessories

Stick Bags

The MSB-1 and MSB-2 stick holders securely attaches to any marching drum with hook and loop straps.


MSB-2 stick holder

Mallet Holders

The Pearl BMH100 Marching Bass Drum Mallet Holder is the perfect "all-in-one" product that not only holds extra Mallets but also protects the rims on both sides of any size Marching Bass Drum. With built in "Rim Shooters."

This product holds two pair of extra mallets and features Pearl Rim Shooter protectors on each side, with mounting options to accommodate any size bass drum. Also featured is a mid-point support bracket to help stabilize the holder when placing on or taking off the mallets.

Each BMH100 Pearl Marching Bass Drum Mallet Holder includes two extra clips free.

Replacement Clips

NP439/4 Set of 4 replacement clips for BMH-100


TS-14 (2) Eight Foot Rolls

Rim Shooters

BDR-1 – Bass Drum Rim Shooter (Sold individually)

CH-5S Carry Hook

Mounts securely to the FFXP edge ring

MH30 - Level Bar

The MH30 Level Bar for Sling-Carried Snare Drums is designed to fit up to a 16” field drum this leveling bar is a perfect addition for any pipe or traditional drummer.

SLG100 - Sling

The Pearl SLG100 was developed and designed to give the drummer 3 different ways of wearing the instrument. The fully adjustable strap with removable back support provides comfort and gives this sling many features not found in today’s models. Made of a high strength strapping for added support and one large steal ring for easy adjustability, this sling was designed to fit all sizes. Attachments to the drum can be made with 2 hooks that can clip onto a level bar or CH5S. Designed and developed with today’s Traditional and Pipe Drummer’s of the 21st century.

Leg Rest (LR40)

The LR-40 attaches to the tension rods of marching snare drums and pipe tenors and allows the drum to comfortably rest on one's knee. The rest has the ability to tilt up and down, as well as rotate clockwise and counterclockwise for the most comfortable fit. The Pearl LR40 was designed specifically to attach up to a 20” tenor drum and was updated with comfort foam padding for added support and a lock-washer for stability.