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Djembes Rope Tuned Djembe


Pearl’s Rope Tuned Djembe series includes four size drums; 7”, 10”, 12” and 14”. The patented seamless synthetic shells are available in two dynamic finishes #698 Zebra Grass and #699 Molten Scarlet with simulated skin heads.

Djembes produce a wide range of sounds and are ideal as a solo instrument or as part of a large percussion ensemble or drum circle. With street prices that range from $49 - $159, Pearl offers djembes that will fit any budget.

A portion of the sale of each djembe will be shared with The Rhythmic Arts Project. TRAP’S primary objective is to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their typical peers in all aspects of everyday life.

Care Guide: Pearl Rope Tune Djembe drums feature a synthetic shell that is subject to react to extremely hot conditions. Refrain from prolonged exposure to temperatures at or above 122°F / 50°C. Failure to do so may result in damage to the instrument. For the utmost in care, we recommend a moderate stable climate suitable for humans.

  • Seamless Synthetic Shell
  • #698 Zebra Grass
  • #699 Molten Scarlet
  • PBJVR7     7” Rope Tuned Djembe
  • PBJVR10  10” Rope Tuned Djembe
  • PBJVR12  12” Rope Tuned Djembe
  • PBJVR14  14” Rope Tuned Djembe


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