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Djembes Hand Carved Mahogany Djembe



Djembes are a traditional African instrument that offer a wide variety of sounds and are perfect for drum circles.

Care Guide: The PBJWR12695 Djembe features a solid Mahogany shell and Goat skin drumhead making it subject to react to environmental conditions. Refrain from storage near air conditioning or heater vents, areas that produce a high degree of constant airflow (hot/cold) and avoid exposure to quick drastic changes in temperature and humidity. Failure to do so may result in cracking or splitting of the instrument body or drumhead. For the utmost in care, we recommend a moderate stable climate suitable for humans.

  • Hand Carved Solid One-Piece Mahogany Shell
  • Goat Skin Head
  • Malinke Village
  • PBJWR12  12"