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Cowbells Beaters



Pearl's Pro Cowbell Beater is made from a synthetic phenolic material that will endure the heaviest pounding without splintering. Perfectly weighted, the PDC60 does the work for you by producing a high cutting tone from your handheld cowbell with minimal effort. The bright yellow handle is not only easy to spot on a dark stage, but also features a non-slip coating for a sure grip.


The Pearl PDC10 Dual Cowbell Beater features a wooden side as well as a rubber side for softer playing. It's crafted from a synthetic phenolic material that will endure strong playing without breaking. Perfectly weighted beater that will produce amazing sounds with minimal effort. Non-slip coating on the beater's handle for a sure grip

  • PDC60
    Pro Cowbell Beater
    (pictured in the top left)
  • PDC10
    Dual Cowbell Beater
    Rubber Side for Softer Playing
    (pictured in the bottom left)