Pearl Drums
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Limited Edition Trans Satin Grey Crystal Beat Series

Own a hand crafted, one of a kind instrument from Pearl. Limited Edition items are produced with the high level of craftsmanship but are enhanced with the exclusive finishes and shell compositions. Don't miss your chance to add these "instantly collectible" instruments to your arsenal.


These limited production Crystal Beat kits will be released in manufacturing lots of 12 shell packs. Each lot will feature a different translucent drum wrap over Ultra Clear acrylic, hand-applied and customized at Pearl USA in Nashville, TN. Each kit will come in a pre-configured 22/16/12/10 shell pack with Black Hardware.

The Drumlites Dual-LED lighting package comes pre-installed in each drum, with Power Supply, 5-channel XLR Cable snake, and 8-Color, 4-program wireless remote. The first lot of 12 Limited Edition kits will feature this positional-shifting Trans Satin Grey finish, that acts as a diffuser for any color LED you choose.

  • CRB524PDLB718
  • 22x16 BD/10x7/12x8/16x15 FT shell pack
  • Black Hardware
  • Drumlite package installed
  • Seamless Acrylic Shells
  • Ultra Clear with Translucent Drum Wrap
  • 1.6mm Triple Flanged Hoops
  • CRBL-100 Toms / Floor Toms
  • CRBL-300 Bass Drum
  • T061L Tension Rods