Pearl Drums
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Masterworks Sonic Select Shell Recipes Urban


This totally unique thin-shell combination of Birch, Gumwood, and Maple sculpts a vibrant, powerful voice for the metropolitan drummer.

Speaks with an urgent sonic signature, from arenas to clubs to the modern sanctuary.

  • EvenPly-Six (2-ply Birch / 2-ply Gum / 2-ply Birch) with 4-ply Maple Reinforcement Rings.
    8-ply Snare Drums (2-ply Birch / 4-ply Gum / 2-ply Birch)
      – Perfectly captures each stroke with articulate high-volume punch and quick, even decay.

  • Rounded 45° with Fully Round Edge on bass drums. Standard 45° on Snares – Helps boost low-end frequency with increased shell contact along the head collar. Bass drums feature subdued sustain and maximized low-end power.

  • 2.3mm SuperHoop II – Made to withstand heavy play without an undue limit on the performance across the tuning range.

  • STL Swivel Tube Lugs have a pivoting tension casing that increases projection and reduces unwanted overtones in shell resonance.