Pearl Drums
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Masterworks Sonic Select Shell Recipes Heritage


Recalls a classic age in drum-making by balancing the power of Maple with the warmth of Mahogany for enhanced lows and fat top-end slap.

Growling and robust in any live or recording setting,the thin Heritage shell speaks with extended, even decay; yet projects with authority in a variety of styles; from Funk to Guitar Rock, Country to Blues.

Produces thunderous sub-bass frequencies with exceptional sustain and subtle projection.

  • 4-ply (2-ply Maple outer / 2-ply Mahogany inner) w/ 4-ply Maple Reinforcement Rings – Responds like the rumble of a classic roadster; a classic combination of mid-range projection and boosted low-end thunder.

  • Standard 45° – Traditional edge draws added projection and resonance in this darker-toned shell.

  • FatTone Hoops – Lighter in weight but never lacking in rigidity. Respond similarly to the original “stick-chopper” of the vintage era with added tuning stability. Excellent for drawing extended sustain.

  • STL Swivel Lugs have less direct shell contact than any other Pearl lug. This little wonder features a pivoting brass tension casing that guarantees even tuning and reduced resistance to shell vibration.