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Hi-Hat Stands H1050


The H1050 Hi-Hat Stand has been upgraded with Redline components. This assures the same feel across the pedal spectrum and increases fluidity in hi-hat compression and rebound. The H1050 features our infinitely adjustable footboard angle adjustment. This allows precise height matching when using multiple pedal setups.

The H1050 Hi-Hat Stand uses beefy 1" tubing and clamshell clamps with built in memory locks for superior rigidity. Hi-Hat set-up and tear-down is a breeze with Rapid-Lock’s Patented* two-point quick release locking system.

Drive Direct Pull Drive System
Clutch Rapid Lock Clutch (U.S. Patent #93556725)
Legs Double Braced Tripod with Swivel Function
Feet Spike/Rubber Feet
Tension Spring Tension Dial
Footboard Infinitely Adjustable Footboard Angle
Adjustment Hi-Hat Cup (U.S. Patent #7078606)


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