Pearl Drums
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Concert Hardware Cymbal Stands


The C1030SC Gooseneck Cymbal Stand allows for true freely-suspended mounting of orchestral suspended cymbals up to 20" in diameter. The single-braced base is easily height adjustable and features legendary Pearl quality for years of dependable use. The leather suspension strap slips through any cymbal and securely supports the weight with a sewn leather bulb.



Built to withstand the rigors of stage and field use, the C1030AC Cradle with base and C103AA Cradle Top borrow the durable and solid clamp design from the Pearl AX Multi-clamp hardware. This road–tested clamp design offers a solid platform for mounting on either a tripod base, or directly onto an Endurance Field Frame rack and keeps the cradle arms securely in place.

The new Pearl Crash Cradle design is available in two formats, with and without a tripod base, to fit your economic and set-up needs. Both configurations have well-padded cradle arms to protect your cymbals, and provide a silent return to the stand in performance.cradle holds 2 cymbals at the ready for quick access. Rubber coated arms and bumpers assure silent use, and adjustable width arms provide security for different sized plates. Pearl quality single braced base is easy height adjustable and folds for easy transport.