Marching Accessories

Marching Accessories

Marching Accessories


Marching Accessories

Marching Accessories

Expand your battery with Pearl's Marching Accessories!

Designed to make your task easier, these accessories and mounts complement Pearl's Marching Percussion products to provide convenient drum and accessory carriage.


Accessory Mounts

MUH10 Cymbal Holder

Designed to fit onto the edge ring of a free-floating snare drum, this mount can hold a small cymbal.

Fits most brands on the market

MUH20 Accessory Mount

Featuring a 3/8" knurled rod, this accessory mount is designed to be compatible with most cowbells, woodblocks, etc. that you may add to your snare drum.

Fits onto the tension posts of most brands on the market

MUH10T Hoop Accessory Mount

Featuring a 3/8" knurled rod, the MUH10T is designed to fit onto most brands' tenor hoops.

Affixed via drum-key bolted claws, this durable mount securely holds your accessory.

Bass Drum Accessories/Mounts

PCS11 Bass Drum Mount

Featuring a short 3/8" knurled post, the PCS11 is perfect for affixing accessories to your bass drum hoops.

BDR1 Rim Shooter

Protect your bass drum hoops from damaged when you play on the hoop with our Rim Shooter.  Providing a clean 'click' sound, BDR1's give additional longevity to your hoops.

BMH100 Bass Mallet Holder

The BMH100 features 2) BDR1 Rim Shooters along with 4) clips to hold 2 sets of mallets.  

Replacement clips are available: NP439A/4