Punchy Sonic Depth

Crystal Beat's unparalleled tonal (and visual) clarity delivers a one-two punch for a new breed of power players. Precision molded, seamless acrylic shells in a variety of available sizes and finishes for an unmistakable drumming signature. 

Crystal Beat Shells
  • 7mm Seamless Acrylic

    Molded (not rolled) for flexibility, body and tone. 

  • Dual 45° Bearing Edge

    For added control, increased articulation, and punch.

  • Head Turning Looks

    Its eye catching visuals make you the focus on stage.


Ready for The Spotlight.

The lugs, hoops, and mounts on each Crystal Beat drum are designed for a simple purpose: to keep the shells true, add to acrylic's streamlined clarity, and  stay out of your way. Included are light, sturdy 1.6mm triple-flange hoops, our CRBL insulated tom lug, and the OptiMount tom suspension system to keep mounting hardware off the shell.

Crystal Beat
  • CRBL Lugs

    Sleek, Simple, and Strong.

  • 1.6mm Triple-Flanged Hoops

    For attack and punchy tonal body.

  • OptiMount Tom Suspension

    Sturdy four point tom isolation mount.


A Vivid Combination of Tonal Power and Stunning Visual Appeal.

Loud and immediate, Pearl's Free Floating Snare System takes Crystal Beat's original Seamless Acrylic shell in a new, powerful direction.

Crystal Beat Snare
  • Free-Floating Chassis

    Die-Cast frame suspends the shell for uninhibited tonal body.

  • 7mm Seamless Acrylic Shell

    Create a versatile snare expansion for any drum set. 

  • Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops

    Engineered to enhance the overall weight and volume.