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KMI products provide innovative hardware and software technologies that allow musicians to interface with computers in exciting new ways.


TheK-Mix is an unbreakable, 8-in/10-out programmable mixer and audio interface. K-Mix features 2 ultra-accurate, high-efficiency low noise preamps, and a precision opto-tactile control surface that was designed from the ground up for an unprecedented level of control. We've made super clean audio more accessible, so you can focus on the music. K-Mix is a go-anywhere, fully-programmable, audio multi-tool that can meet all your needs as an artist, whether you're in the studio or on the road. With no moving parts, K-Mix can be transported in a backpack without the fear of snapping off a fader or knob, while still giving you unrivalled audio quality, mixer functionality, and control. The software editor and windows driver for the K-Mix areavailable for download at

K-Board Controller

A deeply expressive, durable, plug and play USB MIDI keyboard with gesture control designed for computers, tablets and mobile devices.


The BopPad allows you to bring a new range of sonic possibility to your drum set, trigger samples, sound effects, pads and chords. BopPad gives you accurate hit detection (with latency under 3ms!), velocity, continuous radius and pressure. Four independently programmable zones output MIDI notes, velocity, pitch bend, pressure and location CCs. The BopPad is the ultimate drum pad controller. Whether you play with hands, sticks, or mallets it will provide you with a thrilling amount of control and flexibility. Connects to 5-Pin MIDI with the optional MIDI Expander. The software editor for the BopPad is available at

QuNeo Controller

QuNeo is a uniquely expressive pad controller that senses pressure, position and velocity to send MIDI Notes, CCs, and more with vivid LED feedback.

QuNexus Controller

QuNexus is a vividly illuminated keyboard controller that is both fun for beginners and a must have for professionals. 25 touch-sensitive keys detect finger pressure, velocity, and tilt, giving you unprecedented musical control. Blue and white LED illumination with 16 levels of brightness give the user valuable feedback. Use the toggle/hold mode to create your own step sequencer or arpeggiator with LED feedback. QuNexus is the first keyboard controller to unite four generations of synthesis control: MIDI, Control Voltage, OSC and USB. MIDI Expander required for 5-pin MIDI connection (sold separately). The software editor for QuNexus is available at

SoftStep 2 Controller

SoftStep 2 is the world's most powerful MIDI foot controller. Gesture-sensitive pads turn pressure and position into Continuous Controllers, Program Change messages, MIDI notes and more. Perfect for controlling Ableton Live, guitar effects processors, hardware synthesizers, and virtually anything that accepts MIDI control while providing LED feedback.

12 Step Controller

A road-proof, brilliantly backlit pressure and tilt sensitive chromatic MIDI foot controller that allows triggering of notes, chords, clips, tracks, and parameters such as pitch bends, volume and MIDI functions.

MIDI Expander

The MIDI Expander is a 5-pin MIDI In andOut box that enables communication from KMI products which are USB MIDI to traditional 5-pin MIDIhardware devices.

BopPad Mount

BopPad Mount connects to a cymbal stand providing a convenient way to incorporate BopPad into your drum kit. Its anodized aluminum frame ensures it is both lightweight and rugged and the M8 thread is compatible with most cymbal stands available today!

QuNexus CVKit

The QuNexus CV Cable Kit is an optional add on, which makes it easy to gather the cables and adapters needed to convert MIDI to CV and vice versa using QuNexus.One of each of the following cables/adapters is included in the CV Cable Kit!


Pearl and Keith McMillen Instruments have announced their entry into the MPE (Midi Polyphonic Expression) keyboard controller market with the K-Board Pro 4. The K-Board Pro 4 is a four-octave Midi keyboard controller based on the traditional look of a piano with multiple levels of touch sensitivity in each key. It sends attach velocity, release velocity, continuous pressure, horizontal position and vertical position data to offer the deepest level of musical expression. This unique function is achieved by sending control messages to multiple midi channels, allowing the commands to be transmitted separately rather than the conventional method where the controls function globally and the effects are unison. K-Board Pro 4 features KMI's patented Smart Sensor Technology that is the core of all the KMI control surfaces. K-Board Pro 4 is USB powered and class compliant to ensure both portability and compatibility with MacOS, Windows iOS, Android as well as MIDI capable hardware.