PFR0818C_Frame Drum Pack

Frame Drums

Frame Drums

The Frame drum is one of the most ancient musical instruments, and this single headed drum is reputed to be the first drum ever invented. Pearl's tunable Frame drums are available in a set of six drums that nest together for easy storage.

Frame Drum

Frame drums are played around the globe, spanning many musical genres and cultural borders; and now, Pearl provides these fundamental instruments in a range of sizes, made with the quality on which Pearl’s reputation was built. Constructed of blended Asiatic hardwood and featuring a coated drumhead, the drums produce a full, open tone, and are drum-key tunable. The drums come in a set of 6sizes 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18”.

The Hip Kit

The HipKIT is a wearable drum that gives instant gratification to anyonewith a sense of rhythm! This unique instrument combines the essence of traditional frame drumming with the BOOM BOOM SLAP from the added accessories. You can play virtually any groove you can think of in any setting. The drummer friendly HipKIT is drum key tunable, comes with a standard coated head for a brush/shaker type sound and a lightweight dampener. Paired with the HipClipz Snare Slap, and Strap, the drummer/percussionist is free to explore new frontiers.