K-Board Controller

Keith McMillen Instruments

K-Board Controller

Mini USB Keyboard Controller


Keith McMillen Instruments

K-Board Controller

A deeply expressive, durable, plug and play USB MIDI keyboard with gesture control designed for computers, tablets and mobile devices.


Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board



K-Board is your key to quick and easy music production, at home or on the go. K-Board works with all of your music software out of the box, connecting to your tablet or computer instantly, while also offering you room to grow - as your skills advance you can explore the touch sensitive keys to add effects and expression to your music. K-Board is designed to be accessible to musicians of all ages and expertise. K-Board is a plug and play USB MIDI keyboard that is affordable, durable, and deeply expressive. Its brain matches its brawn - tough enough to take whatever abuse you can throw its way, yet smart enough to sense even the most subtle gestural controls. K-Board can unleash your creativity while keeping up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Smart Fabric Sensor Keyboard.

Touch-Sensitive Keys Shape Sounds Based on Pressure or Finger Tilt.

Plug & Play

Works with iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows

Virtually Unbreakable.

25 LED Backlit Keys.



Get started

K-Board User Manual (PDF)


Minimum System Requirements

・For Mac: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.3GHz or greater; Mac OS 10.5 through 10.10; 50 MB free hard disk space

・For Windows: Windows 7 or Windows 8; 1 GB of RAM; 50 MB free hard disk space


Recommended Software

・Desktop: Ableton Live, Logic, GarageBand, Native Instruments Komplete (or any NI software), Cycling 74 Max/MSP

・iOS: Korg iMS-20, Moog Animoog, GarageBand



Mac OSX K-Board Editor v1.0 (11.67 MB)

Windows K-Board Editor v1.0 (18.14 MB)

iOS K-Board Editor