Short Boom Cymbal Holders



Short Boom Cymbal Holders


Designed for both drumset rack and front ensemble applications, this new compact cymbal holder allows for more placement options than a traditionally-sized cymbal holder. The new size also provides for a cleaner look, allowing you to see more of your drum finish or mallet instrument. Clean up the look of your rack or front ensemble with the new CH830S!


Short Boom Cymbal Holder

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Excellent for rack attachments and added boom arms for smaller cymbals, Pearl's Uni-Lock Short Boom Cymbal Holder matches our 830 Series hardware and features rachetless cymbal angle adjustment.


Uni-Lock Titler

Plastic Wingnut and Cup

Felt Cymbal Washers


7/8" Diameter Post with Stop Lock


Uni-Lock Tilter

The Uni-Lock Tilter delivers smooth, gearless cymbal positioning.

Hide-Away Boom Arm

Solid steel convertible cymbal arm delivers solid, reliable support in boom or straight position.

Plastic Wingnut and Cymbal Cup

Durable plastic wingnut provides secure hold of cymbal/felt settings without thread creep or binding. The corresponding cymbal cup gives solid support and protects cymbals from damaging metal contact.