Concert Accessories

Concert Accessories

A complete listing of replacement concert bass drums heads and educational kit components.

Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs

The PMBDL3 Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs allow any sized wood hoop bass drum to be adjusted for rock-steady performance in a flat playing position. No longer do players have to struggle with balancing drums on chairs or playing at an awkward angle on an unstable stand. Multi-Fit Bass Drum Legs solve all of these problems with a compact and easy to install design.

Remo Concert Heads

Remo Fiberskyn III and Nuskyn Concert Bass Drum Heads are the most popular in the world due to their warm and balanced tones, designed specifically for concert bass drums.

Education Kits

The perfect start to a career in percussion begins with high-quality instruments. Pearl Educational Kits contain superior components that are fast and easy to assemble.