President Series Phenolic


An Unmistakable Sonic Signature.

President Series Phenolic drums mark the return of Pearl's original Hermetically Pressurized, thermo-layered solid Phenolic shell. Its unique cutting clarity is ideal for projecting through competing volume levels and frequencies.

Pearl President Series Phenolic Shell
  • The Original Sound.

    Phenolic Shell (Bass Drum:4.5mm / Tom Tom, Floor Tom, Snare Drum 4mm)

  • Sharp, Articulate Tone.

    This hard, thin shell speaks with unmistakable clarity.

  • Subdued Sustain.

    A Rounded 45° Bearing Edge sculpts controlled decay and power.


True to the Original.

The classic elements of Pearl's 60's/70's-era shell hardware have been recast and fortified to stay true in the heat of performance.

President Series Phenolic Hardware
  • Battleship Lugs

    A sleek, classic look recast to deliver optimum tuning integrity.

  • Classic Claw w/T-Handles

    A clean look with easy, hand-tuned precision.

  • Shell-Mounted Cymbal Holder

    The CHB75LB is height-adjustable with gearless Uni-Lock Tilter.


Limited Production, Unlimited Inspiration.

Don't wait. Only 75 President Series Phenolic snare drums will be made beyond those included with the full Anniversary Edition kit. Secure one for your snare drum arsenal and let its unique voice tell your story.

President Series Phenolic
  • 10 Lug Layout.

    Its crisp tonal clarity and wide tuning range pack a serious punch.  

  • Internal Muffler.

    Center into the right amount of attack and sustain with the turn of a dial.

  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

    Includes an Anniversary Edition Certificate of Authenticity

CASES (Available in the US ONLY)

For Your Protection.

Every Anniversary Edition President Series Phenolic shell pack comes complete with a set of classic Nomad fiber cases. That's how it was done in 1966, and that's how Pearl celebrates 75 years.

  • Lightweight and Durable.

    The set is made from impact resistant fiber board.

  • Reinforced and Adjustable.

    All corners and handles are reinforced for easy cartage.

  • Made in North America.

    Nomad Cases have been handmade in Canada since 1978.



22x14 Bass Drum
13x9 Tom 
16x16 Floor Tom
14x5.5 Snare