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Marching Covers


Marching / Pipe Band's Cases, Bags & Covers

Marching Covers

Protect your investment with Pearl’s Marching Covers.  Pearl’s lightly padded rehearsal covers are designed to help protect your drums from the dents and scratches of your rigorous rehearsal schedule. Easily removable and washable, these black woven nylon covers provide years of protection for your equipment.


Marching Covers

Snare Cover

Cover available for 14"x12" and 13"x11" FFX Snare Drums:

14" - MDCG14
13" - MDCG13

Tenor Cover

Cover available for both 0234 and 8023 configurations:

10"-12"-13"-14" - MDCG0234
8"-10"-12"-13" - MDCG8023

Bass Drum Cover

Cover available in all modern bass drum sizes:

14"x14" - MDCG14B
16"x14" - MDCG16
18"x14" - MDCG18
20"x14" - MDCG20
22"x14" - MDCG22
24"x14" - MDCG24
26"x14" - MDCG26
28"x14" - MDCG28
30"x16" - MDCG30
32"x16" - MDCG32


Storage Pocket

A heavy-duty, expansive pocket is featured on the side of the covers, perfect for storing everything you'll need for rehearsal.

Durable Construction

Pearl's Marching Covers are made of a durable black woven nylon construction, built to withstand years of wear and tear

Velcro Straps

Velcro straps secure the cover to your drum, providing a snug, adjustable fit