Be Heard.

Roadshow bass drums, toms, and snare drums are formed from six plies of bonded Asian White Poplar to deliver optimum tonal power for the rising student drummer.

  • 6-ply Poplar Shell

    Molded to create a singular resonance chamber for power, tone and sustain.

  • 45-Degree Bearing Edge

    A hand cut edge for precise head contact and better sound from the shell.

  • Built for Powerful Tone.

    Each shell is molded through a heat and pressure curing process for strength.


Built to Last.

ROADSHOW’s included hardware package is second to none in its class. To withstand the pounding onslaught of the heavy hitting beginner, all lugs and fittings are sturdy and robust. Stands are completely adjustable and dual-reinforced.

  • Lugs and Hoops

    Tension lugs and hoops feature durable castings for stable tuning.

  • Locking Tom Arms

    Locking adjustments keep Roadshow toms at the right angle.

  • Telescoping Kick Spurs

    For no-slip kick from the bass drum.