Signature Snares

signature snares


signature snares


signature snares

Capturing the Exclusive Sound of Pearl Drumming Legends.

Dennis Chambers

Considered by many to be one of the greatest drummers of all time, Pearl's Signature Snare drum collaboration with the great Dennis Chambersis a celebration of three decades ofpartnership, and a unique tribute to his diverse playing talents.

Omar Hakim

Pearl's original snare collaboration with groove drumming legend Omar Hakim sports a 13”x5” power piccolo shell with 6-plies of exotic African Mahogany. Its reduced diameter and extended depth helps produce the perfect blend of sonic power, projection and tonal color.Mahogany shell and "Power Piccolo" size help produce a blend of sonic power, projection and tonal color.

Joey Jordison

Designed by a true Pearl drumming legend, the Joey Jordison Signature Snare drum's powerful, cracking snare tone is a must for the high-speed, articulate player.

Ian Paice

Widely considered a pioneer in modern heavy drumming, Ian Paice's Pearl Signature snare summons the classics elements to the table for volume-heavy presence, bright overtones, and biting, articulate projection.

Brian Frasier Moore

Built to capture the tonal nuances of the recording studio with live venue power, master drummer Brian Frasier Moore designed his new Pearl Signature Snare Drum to master the widest dynamic range possible.

Matt Halpern

The Pearl Matt Halpern Signature Snare's cutting, versatile Black/Brass shell delivers quick, responsive tone for aggressive drumming and serves a variety of styles and sounds with an expanded tuning range.

Matt McGuire

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire!! Designed by influential YouTuber and drummer for The Chain Smokers to fill arenas with sound, the Matt McGuire Signature Tour Edition Drum features steel shell volume and fully-vented sensitivity. The World's first snare drum featuring embedded an NFC Chip, it connects the drummer who owns it directly to official content created exclusively by Matt McGuire.