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Dependable. Durable. Totally Customizable. The most technically advanced cymbal boom stand ever devised, Pearl's BC-2030 is the ultimate in full-function support hardware. Perfect for studio and live applications and delivering more ways than ever to customize your set-up,


BC-2030 Cymbal Boom Stand

Your hardware has to work as hard as you do, and Pearl's BC-2030 is the ultimate stand for the job. Delivering full placement freedom for cymbals anywhere in your set-up, its detachable GyroLock Tilter can be positioned at any angle and secured anywhere along the extendable separate boom arm. Memory locks at every pivot point lock your settings right where you need them, and make tear down and set up a breeze. With optional expansion possibilities for the touring percussionist, the BC-2030 is the most versatile and secure stand available.


Reversible Cup Washer w/ O-Ring


Die-Cast Joint


Double Braced Legs


1 1/8", 7/8", 5/8", 5/8" + 12mm Rod

BC-2030 Features

GyroLock Tilter

GyroLock Tilters are infinitely adjustable and provide 360 degree range of motion for precise positioning with one-step convenience.

WingLoc Quick Release Nut

(U.S. Patent # 6884015) Pearl’s WingLoc Quick Release Wing Nut snaps open and snaps closed for super quick removal and attachment.

Reversible Seat Cup

(U.S. Patent #6940006) The seat cup is specially designed for normal “floating” or reversed “locked” action to prevent noise during recording.

Reversible Cymbal Washers

Our Felt/Foam Cymbal Washers allow four-way control of cymbal “ring” by mixing and matching the “hard” and “soft” surfaces of the washers.

Trident Tripod

Employing a full 360° of clamping force via the hinged collar, the Trident Tripod's heavy duty legs feature lateral bracing for superior, ultra quiet rigidity. 

Detachable Counter Weight

Keep it on when the telescopic function of the Boom stand is in play, or remove it for lighter feel.

Optional Spiked Rubber Feet

(U.S. Patent #7371953) Our CVT-300/3 Push Button Spiked/Rubber Feet retrofit on any Pearl 2030/1030 Series stand for sure-footed, stable performance. 

Tripod Memory Lock

Makes setting up your BC-2030 a breeze and saves your current tripod settings.

Telescoping Boom Arm

BC-2030 features a unique Telescoping Boom Arm with a separate tilter, making greater lengths and impossible cymbal positioning a reality.

Multiple Mounting

Add an extra GyroLock Tilter (TL2030) to the boom arm and turn the BC-2030 into a double cymbal stand.

Cowbell Mount

All GyroLock Tilters have a special built-in knurled mounting post, designed for added accessory mounting.

Greater Mounting Expansion

Add 2 extra GyroLock tilters (TL2030) for mounting multiple percussion instruments.