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Boom Stands


For every cymbal, there is a place; and the Pearl B-1030 Series Cymbal Boom Stand's sophisticated design is a true compliment to the instrument it supports. With road proven features made to stand up to all the impact the gig can dish out, the B-1030 is professional gear fit for the grandest stage.


B-1030 Cymbal Boom Stand

Model Number


You’re serious about drumming; get serious about your hardware. Through constant setup, teardown, performance, practice, and transport, the Pearl B-1030 Boom Cymbal Stand is ready for reliable support under the heaviest hit.

The B-1030 features a strong tubular boom arm with die-cast tilter that will ratchet to practically any angle. Its die-cast pipe joints feature nylon bushings to prevent unwanted vibration noise within the tube. Finally, the B-1030 features parallel double-braced legs, for a solid, secure base via the stand's vibration-absorbing rubber feet. Truly, a superior platform for your most coveted brass.

Cymbal Tilter


Pipe Joint

Die-Cast Joint


Double Braced Legs


1 1/8", 7/8", 5/8" + 12mm Rod


WingLoc Quick Release



Built in Knurled Percussion Post


Reversible Contoured/Flat w/O-Ring


GyroLock Tilter

GyroLock Tilters are infinitely adjustable and provide a 360 degree range of motion, for precise positioning with one-step convenience.

WingLoc Quick Release Nut

(U.S. Patent # 6884015) Pearl’s WingLoc Quick Release Wing Nut snaps open and snaps closed for super quick removal and attachment.

Reversible Seat Cup

(U.S. Patent #6940006) The seat cup is specially designed for normal “floating” or reversed “locked” action to prevent noise during recording.

Reversible Cymbal Washers

Our Felt/Foam Cymbal Washers allow four-way control of cymbal “ring” by mixing and matching the “hard” and “soft” surfaces of the washers.

Trident Tripod

Employing a full 360° of clamping force via the hinged collar, the Trident Tripod's heavy duty legs feature lateral bracing for superior, ultra quiet rigidity. 

Optional Spiked Rubber Feet

(U.S. Patent #7371953) Our CVT-300/3 Push Button Spiked/Rubber Feet retrofit on any Pearl 2030/1030 Series stand for sure-footed, stable performance. 

Knurled Mounting Post

All GyroLock Tilters have a special built-in knurled mounting post, designed for added accessory mounting.

Convertible Straight/Boom

The boom arm on the B-1030 docks into the second tier joint to make the perfect Straight Cymbal Stand.