Philharmonic African Mahogany

Concert Snare Drums

Philharmonic African Mahogany


Concert Snare Drums

Philharmonic African Mahogany

Philharmonic PHX African Mahogany concert snare drum features a unique shell design and the new and improved SR505 Triad Strainer Systems. PHX drums are used for a wide range of playing styles and are available in 14” x 5”, 14” x 6.5”, 15” x 8”, and 16” x 16” sizes. PHX brings a Classic and Iconic American Sound to the Philharmonic Series and is as equally beautiful to look at as they are to play.


PHX Philharmonic snare drums feature a 4-ply African Mahogany shell with 4-ply Maple reinforcement rings, producing an incredibly full tonality with a natural low-frequency response that is ideal for concert applications. Both the 1580 and new 1616 models feature 6-ply Natural Maple hoops and 8 chrome Slim-Line Aluminum tube lugs with insulated low profile chrome claw hooks, as well as a special snare combination of Synthetic Gut and Heavy Coated Cables for a dark and full sound reminiscent of rope and field drums.


The 1450 and 1465 models include standard Philharmonic features such as Die-Cast hoops, 10 Classic Tube lugs with stainless steel tension rods, and Vintage cut snare beds. The new SR505 strainer system is outfitted on these models with a combination of coated cable, Synthetic gut, stainless steel, and light cable snare materials for a whisper-soft response, and a warm projecting tone that will be heard in the largest venues.  


All PHX snare drums feature fully rounded bearing edges on both top and bottom for a fundamentally focused response and easy tuning with a variety of head styles. PHX Philharmonic African Mahogany drums are finished in a classy #210 Matte Walnut finish and backed by Pearl’s industry-leading Lifetime Warranty.


Philharmonic African Mahogany

Model Number

PHX Series


4-ply African Mahogany with 4-ply Maple Reinforcement Rings


SR-505 Triad Silent Strainer


Graduated Tension wrap-around cable


Vintage Cut


Classic Tube Lugs and AL Series Tube Lugs


Stainless Steel


Mastercast Die-Cast on 5" & 6.5"

Superhoop II on 14" x 12" 

6-ply Maple Wood on 15" x 8" & 16" x 16" 


Remo Diplomat Renaissance




#210 Matte Walnut


African Mahogany Shell

PHX Philharmonic Snare Drums feature a unique 4-ply African Mahogany shell with 4-ply Maple Reinforcement Rings.

Wood Hoops and Claws

PHX1616 Philharmonic drums feature Maple wood hoops finished in a natural matte color to complete the look and sound of these classic concert field drums.

Graduated Tension Cable Snares

Graduated Tension Wrap-Around Cable Snares provide a wide range of dynamics and tonal color in all dynamics.

AL Slim-Line Lugs

AL Slim-Line Lugs allows the standoff distance required for wood hoops and claws.

TB Classic Tube Lugs

TB Classic Tube Lugs for a timeless tone and classic look on PHX1450, 1465, and 1412. 

SR-505 Triad Silent Strainer

The newly redesigned SR-505 Triad Silent Strainer includes new Captive Adjustment Touchpoints and mechanical improvements of the three independently adjustable snare assemblies. New full, wrap-around guitar wire snare assemblies allow for ultimate sensitivity and tonal expression in the softest range of your playing. In addition, a new Quick Release Snare mounting system maintains your individual snare adjustment settings on all three assemblies for fast and easy snare head replacement and maintenance.

Remo Diplomat Renaissance

The Remo Diplomat Renaissance snare head features 1-ply of 7.5-mil specially treated film, providing a textured surface for a warm, dark tone with a soft feel.

Chrome Hardware

PHX African Mahogany drums feature Chrome hardware for a polished, professional look.

Matte Walnut Finish

PHX drums are finished in a classy #210 Matte Walnut finish.



14" x 5" Philharmonic African Mahogany

#210 Matte Walnut


14" x 6.5" Philharmonic African Mahogany

#210 Matte Walnut


14" x 12" Philharmonic African Mahogany

#210 Matte Walnut


15" x 8" Philharmonic African Mahogany

#210 Matte Walnut (Shell)

#111 Matte Natural (Hoops)


16" x 16" Philharmonic African Mahogany

#210 Matte Walnut (Shell)

#111 Matte Natural (Hoops)


Model Number Dimensions Shell Type Snare Assembly (Left Middle Right) Hoops
PHX1450/C 14" x 5" 4-ply African Mahogany L=S-067YT M=S-069 R=S-068SGT Mastercast Die-Cast
PHX1465/C 14" x 6.5" 4-ply African Mahogany L=S-067YT M=S-069 R=C-1405SG Mastercast Die-Cast
PHX1412/C 14" x 12" 4-ply African Mahogany L=S-065Y M=S-068S R=C-1405SG SuperHoop II
PHX1580/C 15" x 8" 4-ply African Mahogany L=C-1505SG M=C-1505GT R=C-1505SG 6-ply Maple Wood
PHX1616/C 16" x 16" 4-ply African Mahogany L=C-1605SG M=C-1605GT R=C-1605SG 6-ply Maple Wood