The Troopers

The Troopers

The Troopers

Drum & Bugle Corps / Casper, WY

The Troopers

Drum & Bugle Corps / Casper, WY

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Founded in 1957 by businessman James Jones, The Troopers are one of the few founding members of Drum Corps International that are still active, and are the only drum and bugle corps in Wyoming. They are often called "America’s Corps" due to their western military heritage and a musical style that focuses on the American Spirit.

During the 1960s, since almost every drum corps contest was east of the Mississippi River, it became the first drum and bugle corps to go on the road and travel across the country. Other innovations pioneered by the Troopers during that era involved circular drill (including the famous "sunburst"), precision marching, allowing girls to be members of the brass and drum lines, the precision and flair of the color guard and a rousing, highly entertaining musical program. It has been said that the Troopers invented the concept of the modern, touring drum and bugle corps. The Troopers won their first VFW National Championship in 1966.The group has won eleven national titles and has made DCI World Championship finals nine times.

In 2009, the Troopers cemented their comeback by placing 12th at the DCI World Class Finals with a program entitled "Western Side Story." Drum corps fans, observers and alumni have remarked that the corps' organization is now as strong as ever, saluting the leadership of Mike Ottoes (executive director), Fred Morris (director) and Milward Simpson (president, board of directors), and the instructional staff led by Ralph Hardimon and Dean Westman.

The Troopers' Gear

Pearl Marching

14"x12" Championship CarbonCore FFX Snare Drums

Championship CarbonCore Tenors

Championship Maple Bass Drums

CX Airframe Carriers

Advanced Marching Hardware


Adams Percussion & Brass

4.6, 5.0 Octave Artist Marimbas (MAHF46, MAHF50)

3.5 Octave Soloist Xylophone (XSKF35)

3.0 Octave Concert Vibraphone (VCSF30)

3.3 Octave Artist Glockenspiel (GAF33)

40" x 22" Concert Bass Drum (ABDF4022)

Adams Marching Brass - Ensemble