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Percussion Accessories

Cajon Accessories


Percussion Accessories

Cajon Accessories

Add new sounds, accessible storage or improve your cajon's comfort with Pearl's various cajon accessories. 


Jingle Cup

Model Number


The Jingle Cup consists of a pair of tambourine jingles with a suction cup to add a jingle effect to any box cajon. Available in Brass or Steel options. 

Brass and Steel Jingle Options.


Attaches with Suction Cups.


Seat Cushion

Model Number


The Box Cajon Seat Cushion is made with thick foam to add comfort for long sessions and gigs without effecting tone or resonance.

Thick Foam Construction.


Fits Most Cajons.


Doesn't Impact Cajon Tone or Resonance.


Clave Block

Model Number


PBCC100 Cajon Clave Block attaches with 3M Dual Lock strips. Mount included for 3/8" rod mounting.


3M Dual-Lock

Made of prized Shorea wood

Wood Block

Model Number


The Cajon Wood Block has an integrated striker and includes dual lock tape and mounting bracket to attach to 3/8" rods.

Integrated Striker.


Includes 3/8" Rod Mounting Bracket.


Attaches with 3M Dual Lock Tape Strips.


Nylon Holster

Model Number


The Cajon Accessory Nylon Holster drapes over the top of box cajons and features pockets to hold percussion instruments. Velcro straps secure the holster to your cajon for dependable and convenient storage while not effecting the instruments tone or resonance.  

Provides Convenient Storage of Percussion Instruments for Quick Transitions.


Two Deep Side Pockets.


Velcro Straps Secure Holster to Your Cajon.


High Quality Nylon Construction.


Fits Most Cajons.


3 Way Cajon Riser

Model Number


The Pearl 3 Way Cajon Riser lifts your cajon to heights of 21" or 23" which is 1.5" and 3.5" taller than a traditional cajon, or angles the playing surface. The solid wood construction and natural finish is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Carrying bag is included for convenient transportation to and from the gig.

Raises the Height of Your Cajon by 1.5" or 3.5" Depending on Orientation.


Angle the Playing Surface by Staggering the End Pieces. 1.5" in the Back and 3.5" in the Front.


Solid Wood Construction.


Natural Wood Finish.


Carrying Bag Included.


Dual Lock Tape Package

Model Number


The Dual Lock Tape Package firmly attaches clave and wood blocks to box cajons.

Cajon Clacker

Model Number


The PCC-100 Cajon Clacker is easy to mount on to the front plate of your Cajon and offers two different sounds to play.