Making the Maple Sound of Your Dreams a Reality.

Maple: its sound is unmistakable. Its sonic reputation makes is irreplaceable. 

Decade is the only all Maple lacquered drum series in this price range backed by Pearl's unbeatable quality promise. Its thin, EvenPly-Six shell makes it a perfect primary kit for evolving drummers or an excellent gigging kit for the seasoned pro.  

  • EvenPly-Six Maple Shell

    Reacts quickly to the stroke with resonant highs and thundering lows. 

  • 45° Bearing Edge

    For superbly articulate sensitivity and smooth sustain.

  • Beautiful Lacquer Finish

    Luxurious UV-cured finish options deliver a look that fits Decade's sound.


Hardware That Elevates your Drumming Game.

Decade’s low mass/low contact shell hardware assures optimum shell performance and solid durability.  

Decade Maple
  • Strong Appointments

    Including Uni-Lock tom arms, Die-Cast claws, and R40 Floor Tom feet.

  • NDL Mini Lugs

    Small, efficient, and reliable tuning for drums of all sizes.

  • OPTI-LOC Mounting System

    Solid, flexible three point tom suspension for prime shell resonance.