A Unique Sonic Dichotomy

Taking a tip from the Masterworks spectrum, Session Studio Select’s unparalleled shell combination of Masters-grade hardwood (4-ply Birch outer) and softer imported tonewood (2-ply African Mahogany inner) strikes a unique tonal dichotomy between top-end power and warm controlled resonance.

  • Luxuriant Sound and Sizzle

    A unique sonic dichotomy of smooth low end projection and pre-EQ’d punch. 

  • Shallow and Sharp

     Outer 60° bearing edge increases volume without harsh overtones.

  • The Shell That Keeps Giving

    Premium finish outside with the look of dark Mahogany inside.


An Efficient, Luxurious Complement.

The Session tradition of value lives on with a strong hardware selection that holds up to the heaviest strike of the stick.  

  • 2.3mm Superhoop II Hoops

    Made for tuning integrity and maximum shell resonance in performance.

  • RL Lugs

    A simple, sleek lug that adds weight to the shell for increased volume. 

  • OptiMount Tom Isolation System

    A solid, flexible four point suspension mount for prime shell resonance.