Electronics Accessories



Electronics Accessories


Pearl once again redefines the electronic percussion experience by introducing the revolutionary malletSTATION Adjustable Range Electronic Mallet Controller. Designed in partnership with Keith McMillen Instrument, the malletSTATION brings next-generation technology to the 21st century mallet percussionist.


MalletSTATION Stands



Tripod Stand with a single braced base and UX-80 Universal Clamp top section. Clamp accepts 1/2" to 1-1/8" pipe or post. Designed for use with the Pearl PEMM electronic module mount.

Lightweight, height adjustable stand.


Use two Tripod Stands to mount the Pearl malletSTATION.


Rotating Universal Clamp allow for precise positioning.


Clamp accepts 1/2" to 1-1/8" pipe.


Sturdy single braced construction, lightweight for easy transport.


MalletSTATION Mounts



Pearl Universal Module Mount for, Mimic Pro and malletSTATION.

Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Construction.


Four Hole Mount with Screws Included.


Screw Size 10/32"


7/8" Diameter Post.


Universal Mount Fits Most Electronic Drum Modules.


MalletSTATION Clamps



The UX-80 universal clamp helps you mount toms, remote hi-hats, or extend the reach or angle of existing adapters. Featuring a rotating quick-release clamp and 7/8" chrome shaft, the UX-80's longer 13" length offers quick, secure attachment and easy adjustment and positioning.

Rotating Quick Release Clamp.


Clamp adjusts from 1/2" to 1-1/8"


Mounts Toms, Remote Hi-Hats, and Extends the Reach or Angle of Existing Adapters.


7/8" Chrome Shaft.


13" Length Offers Extended Positioning.





MalletStation Bag - Soft side padded sleeve with accessory pouch.

Soft sided bag - custom fit for EM-1 malletSTATION.


Soft padded interior, designed for EM-1 without PEMM mounts installed.


Reinforced handles and shoulder strap.


Accessory pouch including zippered section in lid, 2 mallet pouches holding 4-6 mallets each, and cable tie velcro strap.


Heavy duty zippers.


Keith McMillen Instruments MIDI Expander

Model Number


The KMI MIDI Expander is a 5-pin MIDI In & Out box that connects KMI gear to additional hardware devices.

Adds 1x1 MIDI DIN I/O to KMI Products and Pearl malletSTATION.

Appears as a discrete USB MIDI port when connected to a KMI USB MIDI controller.

Can be used to power host device (USB power supply not included).

Powers your KMI Controller and enables stand-alone use without a computer.

Includes 2 meter A to B USB cable, power plug, and 5 meter A to B Mini-USB cable.

Simple plug and play operation.

Keith McMillen Instruments MIDI Out Adapter Cable

Model Number


The KMI MIDI Out Adapter Cable adds a 5-Pin DIN MIDI Out Port to KMI Products with a USB Mini Expander Port and Pearl malletSTATION.

MIDI Out Adapter Cable used with KMI USB-Mini Expander Ports.

Works with QuNexus, SoftStep, 12 Step, K-Mix and K-Board Pro 4, and Pearl malletSTATION.