Adams Concert Series Xylophones come in a wide variety of sizes and bar materials to accommodate every player and venue, whether you’re in the orchestra concert hall or on the field.


Concert Series instruments now feature the Adams Apex Frame — with its unique minimalist side pillar design, integrated shore braces, and ultra-strong two-piece crossbar, Apex instruments are quick to assemble and easy to transport, allowing performers at any level to achieve their peak performance.


Carefully selected Honduras Rosewood bars are manufactured in a graduated wide bar format for optimum sound quality and supreme projection. As with all Adams instruments, each Xylophone bar is tuned to the sixth overtone and precisely voiced using our proprietary computer-assisted method. This ensures the sound is perfectly balanced throughout the entire range of the instrument.


Concert Series Xylophones

Model Number



All resonators are welded for strength and to eliminate unwanted noises, and both the rails and resonators fold in half for easy transport and storage. The new Adams Apex Frame is standard with the Concert Series 4.0 Octave Xylophone.

The Endurance Series Field Frame is available separately for extreme durability and all-terrain capabilities.


Honduras Rosewood




Alpha Tuning System


Voyager Frame (standard)

Endurance Field frame (available separately)


NEW Titanium Silver


Protective short drop cover, 1 pair mallets included

Adams Apex Frame

Modern, Minimalist Design

Apex frames feature a dramatic swept-back side pillar design for modern style and ultimate strength. Only three frame parts make Apex quick to assemble and easy to transport. 

Elevate Your Performance

The simple, strong, and proven Adams height adjustment mechanism has been transformed in the new Apex frame, creating a total unrestricted performance experience and easy height adjustment, allowing performers at any level to achieve their peak performance.

Ultra-Strong Crossbar

The low center of gravity, accomplished by the ultra-strong aluminum crossbar and stability-enhancing connections, along with an eccentric radial-locking center joint mechanism, provides ultimate stability with a clean, stylish look and easy movement.

Integrated Shore Braces

Integrated shore braces with hand-screw fittings provide maximum lateral strength and guaranteed vertical positioning at every set-up.


Model Number Description Bars Frame Tuning Range Graduated Bar Width Length Low End High End Height Adj. Weight
XC1HA40 4.0 Octave Concert Xylophone Rosewood Apex A=442 Hz C4 - C8 1.9” - 1.5” 65” 26.8” 13.8” 31.5” - 39.3” 88 lbs