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Pearl Project 108

WANT TO BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIG IN THE PERCUSSIVE WORLD? HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE SEEN AND HEARD IN PROJECT 108.   Pearl, the world's largest manufacturer of drums and percussion, is asking drummers all around the world to send in videos of themselves playing at 108 beats per minute. You could be featured along with some of our top Pearl Artists like Todd Sucherman, Nate Morton, and Jason Hartless. This is a call to ALL drummers! As long as you're playing Pearl gear, you're good. That means drumset, marching drums, hand percussion... any Pearl gear will do! This is your chance to show the world what you've got. Impress us with your finely tuned skills or show us your creativity with something we've never seen before!     These 4 bars are yours to do whatever you want and we can't wait to see them! Read the FAQ  or Rules below for details on how to submit your video.           ELIGIBILITY Participants of all ages are welcome. US and International Residents are eligible to participate. Employees of Pearl Corporation and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, advertising agencies, and families, and persons living in the same household as such employees, are also welcome to participate. The Project 108 video is subject to all national, federal, state, and local laws and regulations.   SUBMISSION PERIOD The PROJECT 108 submission period starts on February 7th, 2022, and will end when an appropriate amount of videos are received. We will give a one-week warning before closing the submission period.   HOW TO ENTER To enter the PROJECT 108 video, complete the online registration form and upload your video using the UPLOAD button below.   VIDEO SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Pearl equipment must be the focus in the video. Video submissions must be a supported YouTube file format like MOV, MP4, AVI and you can see a full list here. To ensure we edit your video in the correct starting point, include a 4-count stick click intro. Please use the highest resolution possible to record your performance. Do not include licensed music, backing tracks, or graphics in your finished video.   SELECTION OF VIDEOS All entries will be reviewed and selected by the Project 108 Team and their decisions are final on all matters relating to PROJECT 108. All participating Pearl Artists will have 8 bars of performance at 108 bpm.   FULL RULES & REGULATIONS THE LEGAL STUFF By submitting the PROJECT 108 video entry form and entering the contest you agree to give Pearl Corporation permission to use your name and likeness for promotional purposes without further compensation. Entrant hereby irrevocably grants, transfers, sells, assigns, and conveys to Pearl Corporation, and each of their respective successors and assigns, all present and future right, title and interest of every kind and nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, all copyrights, and all rights incidental, subsidiary, ancillary or allied thereto (including, without limitation, all derivative rights), in and to the Submissions for exploitation throughout the universe, in perpetuity, by means of any and all media and devices whether now known or hereafter devised (including the right to publish and display Submissions for purposes of advertising, publicity and/or trade, in whole or in part). By entering, each Entrant represents and warrants that the submission is: (a) wholly original. (b) does not incorporate or include anything that would require the consent of any third party permissions. (c) does not violate any copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right, or any other right of any third party. (d) Submissions must comply with video requirements located on our site. Pearl Corporation reserves the right to promote and publicize, through any means available to us, the progress, development, process, news, and success of all entries, in whole or in part, to promote Pearl Corporation, the PROJECT 108 video, and future video contests. In addition, Pearl Corporation shall have the right, in their sole discretion, to edit, composite, morph, scan, duplicate, or alter the Submissions for any purpose which they deem necessary or desirable, without the need for any further compensation by them, and each Entrant irrevocably waives any and all so-called moral rights they may have in the Submission submitted by him or her. Pearl Corporation and any of its associated or affiliated companies, their directors, officers, agents, employees and customers, and appointed advertising agencies, their directors, officers, agents, and employees from all claims of every kind on account of such use.           First, upload your video using the button below.       Then complete the form to take part in Project 108.             WHAT IS PROJECT 108?   Project 108 is our way of showing the strength of the Pearl drumming global community and to feature their talents in one seamless video.     HOW DO I TAKE PART?   Record yourself playing 4-bars at 108 beats per minute (bpm) on your Pearl gear.     DO I NEED ALL PEARL GEAR?   Pearl equipment must be the focus in the video and we would prefer that non-Pearl drum/hardware/percussion logos not be visible. Project 108 is not just for drumset players, but also for percussion, marching, and orchestral instruments as well.   WHAT DO I PLAY?   This is your chance to show the world what you've got. Impress us with your finely tuned skills or show us your creativity with something we've never seen before! These 4 bars are yours to do whatever you want and we can't wait to see them!   HOW DO I SEND MY VIDEO TO YOU?   Once your video is completed, complete the registration form above and use the Upload Link to send us your video. The form must be completed to take part in Project 108.     WHY 108 BPM?   A lot of drummers tend to play a variable of the same two and four backbeat pattern when they first sit down behind a kit and it was the average tempo of our test group. This tempo that can be dissected many ways and still be played comfortably. */  

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Drum Pedal NEW Pearl Eliminator Solo pedal For the reliable play of the working drummer. In 2020, Pearl is introducing Eliminator Solo bass drum pedals which deliver all the speed and performance of the original Eliminator, but in a single cam option. The Eliminator Solo: Black features the focused feel of the circular Linear Action (Black) Cam. Its slightly weighted feel and resistance-free footboard deliver traditional feel, power and speed with less muscle fatigue. The contrasting Eliminator Solo: Red delivers a lighter, fluid feel thanks to the Radical Progressive Action (Red) Cam. Best suited for the high-speed play, its sharp Cam angle increases rebound for a lightning fast, accurate stroke. New Pearl 930 Series Single-Braced Stands Boasting the same sturdy tubing and tier joints as their double-braced counterparts, Pearl’s new 930 Series Single Braced Hardware is an excellent choice for the gigging drummer on the move. Using the high-function and durability of the 930 Series stands, the Cymbal (C930S,) Cymbal Boom (BC930S,) and Snare (S930S,) stands are built to stand up to rigorous gigging and play with dramatically reduced weight. New Pearl 1030 Series Double-Braced Hi-Hat Stand Boasting the same sturdy tubing and tier joints as Pearl’s 930 Series stands, the new double-braced H1030 Series Hi-Hat stand is now available as a counterpart to Pearl’s new Eliminator: Solo bass drum pedals. Its smooth, traditional footboard performs with resistance-free precision, while the independent Trident tripod is positioned separate from the pedal frame to easily accommodate double bass drum pedals. New Pearl Unilock Arm & Leg Adapter The UniLock Arm & Leg Cymbal adapter (CHA70) is a multi-positional cymbal arm that creates quick, easy cymbal expansion around the drum set. The boom arm’s gearless Uni-lock tilter adjusts to practically any angle. Exceptional for working drummers who want to extend the use of existing gear in tight spaces. Percussion Ever Popular Travel Congas Redesigned Updated Pearl Travel Congas features 3.5” deep wood shells that deliver maximum portability and sound. Like traditional congas they utilize stave construction and feature real size Quinto, Conga and Tumba heads. Tuning the Remo Symmetry heads is effortless with five precision Allen tuning bolts and the included wrench. The newly redesigned Travel Congas also have a newly designed stand. New Travel Bongos Introducing the new Travel Bongos that are small enough, they fit comfortably in a backpack. Pearl Travel Bongos feature 3.5” deep wood shells that deliver maximum portability and sound. The new Travel Bongos stand features a gear tilter to put your drums at the right angle and utilizes a tension lever mounting system that securely locks your drums in place. Each stand includes a travel bag with shoulder strap, so your stands are as portable as the Travel Bongos. Accessories New Aluminum Trap Table Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this spacious table has room for a surprising number of sticks, mallets and percussion instruments. Side walls prevent mallets from rolling off. The table is finished in gray powder coating, while the Chrome stand features black powder coated, double braced legs and a memory lock. New Tongue Drum Bag From percussion ensembles, elementary music instruction, solo performance, yoga instruction and drum circles, tongue drums are always on the go. This nylon bag is padded on the top, bottom and sides to fully protect your drum and ensure safe transportation. It also has a zippered pouch on the side for your mallets or personal items.

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In honor of the La Baguetterie's Anniversary we created a very special snare In honor of the La Baguetterie's 40th Anniversary we collaborated with an internationally well-known artist - Werner "Nash" Zwakhalen to create this exceptional snare drum with the one of a kind design. The snare is manufactured from a single steam-bent piece of premium-grade Maple into a strong and beautiful sounding drum. Happy birthday La Baguetterie! We wish you prosperity and success for years to come!

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We are proud to announce that Dirk is now one of our main Pearl e/MERGE ambassadors. Last weekend, during the UK Drum show, we had an honor to reveal a new international e-drummer that is now playing Pearl e/MERGE electronic drum kit. We are very proud to announce that this e-drummer is Dirk Brand. "My name is Dirk Brand. I am very proud and very happy to introduce the new Pearl e/MERGE drum kit. This drum kit is totally unbelievable. Pearl and KORG did a collaboration together and they build a totally new system, new e-drumming experience." - Dirk Brand. Visit his artist page: Dirk Brand

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Get your sticks ready, because this long-awaited e-drum set is finally here. When the world’s leading drum company spends five long years working hand in hand with the music industry’s leading electronics company, great things are bound to happen. Please welcome e/MERGE, an all new e-drumming experience like never before. We are excited to announce the final launch of this electronic drum set, it is now available to order at your official Pearl Dealer. Acoustic-like Feel Wave Trigger Technology of the Pearl e/MERGE allows every nuance of your playing style, and even your choice of stick to infinitely color the sound produced. It is faster than anything simply trigger based. The patent pending PUREtouch Electronic Pads were constructed by Pearl and KORG engineers with six layers of material that work together to create the most natural feel of any electronic pad available. Visit one of the upcoming events to experience e/MERGE yourself: o Italy – Oct 20th – Musika Expo in Rome o France – Oct 27th – La Bag Show in Paris o Germany – Nov 1st/3rd – Musicpark in Leipzig o Spain – Nov 3rd – TamTam DrumFest in Sevilla

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Visit us at The UK Drum Show to be the first to know! Behold! We've recently welcomed an international e-drum artist in our Pearl family, and we can't wait to share with you his identity. This weekend, during the UK Drum show in Manchester, for the first time ever, we will reveal his name. Join us in the Mike Dolbear Masterclass room this Saturday, 21st of September (10.30am - to be the first to know. He is playing Pearl e/MERGE - our new electronic drum kit! Do you want to hear the Pearl e/MERGE live or try it yourself? Visit one of the following events: o UK – Sept 21st – UK Drum show in Manchester o Italy – Oct 20th – Musika Expo in Rome o France – Oct 27th – La Bag Show in Paris o Germany – Nov 1st/3rd – Musicpark in Leipzig o Spain – Nov 3rd – TamTam DrumFest in Sevilla

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These Pearl products won the Slagwerkkrant Readers Award 2019 The votes have been counted and we couldn't be happier to announce that these three Pearl products won the hearts of the Slagwerkkrant magazine readers in 2019. Best Snare Drum: Pearl Modern Utility Floor Snare Best Hardware: Pearl ICON Rack System Best Percussion: Pearl Primero Guiro Cowbell Moreover, these incredible Pearl Artists from Benelux were awarded too! Best Drummer Benelux: Cesar Zuiderwijk Best Fusion/Crossover: Lucas van Merwijk Best Percussion Group: Slagerij van Kampen Best Drum Event of the Year: 2000 drummers aan zee by Cesar Zuiderwijk Thank you very much for your support and for all your votes!