The Rhythmic arts project

Pearl is proud to have joined The Rhythmic Arts Project (T.R.A.P.) in being the percussion supplier for Eddie Tuduri’s educational program utilizing drums and percussion to address many basic life skills in the field of developmental disabilities. Though applications work very well in other health care situations, T.R.A.P. has made significant progress in this population and is for all intent and purposes working most diligently in this area. The project brings together percussionists and drummers and other volunteers in concert with administrators, activity directors and aids at various facilities, now growing in popularity throughout the United States.

Our education package is everything you’ll need to facilitate less the instruments. This is a comprehensive self- contained package including our educational DVD together with the program guide, visual aids and a basic hand drum and percussion lesson DVD. You can buy the instruments or not, at anytime after you’ve had a chance to really scrutinize the program.

EDUCATION PACK II NOW AVAILABLE! With additional exercises and more difficult lessons, the highly anticipated second book is now available to order!


Please contact T.R.A.P. at their official website regarding any questions or purchasing the Education Pack II.