Handcrafted to escalate your drumming influence.

Individually engineered for power, tone, and distinction, the total Reference kit perfectly captures every nuance of your unique drumming identity with a singular, prestigious sound.

  • Sonically-Proven Performance

    Each Reference drum's unique "Recipe" delivers better tonal results.

  • From the Masterworks Vault

    Developed to get the best elements our Custom Shop's limitless options.

  • Crafted to Spark Inspiration

    Every drum's an instrument. Every kit's an orchestra. You're the Conductor. 


Elements that Enhance Sound, Rather than Hindering It.

The hardware on each Reference drum is selected not only for its efficient performance, but for its impact on total shell weight and sound. The Reference blend of Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops, our BRL swiveling bridge lug, and the OptiMount tom suspension system brings focus to a dynamic balance between sonic warmth and high-volume output.

  • Mastercast Hoops

    Enhances shell weight and volume while staying true at high impact.

  • OptiMount Tom Suspension

    Solid four-point tom mounting system maintains resonance and tone.

  • BRL Swivel Lugs

    Weighted lug with pivoting brass tension casing for secure tuning.