Drum Set Series Snare Drums

drum set series snare drums


drum set series snare drums


drum set series snare drums

Made to match the sound and feel of your Pearl drum set.


Your sonic brand needs to be heard. Creating your own signature snare drum is the next logical step. Masterworks has all the elements necessary to craft a totally uniqueinstrument that will complementyour drumming identity andassurethat there will never be another one like it, like you.

President Series Phenolic

The 75th Anniversary President Series Phenolic snare drum'simmaculate vintage style is a totally unique sonic time capsule. Retooled withmodern elements to commemorate this milestone in drum history, these extremely limited Diamond Jubilee Edition drums are a truly playable, highlycollectible prize for the fortunate few who will own them.

President Series Deluxe

From subdued to stratospheric, the guttural growl of President Series Deluxe snare drums speakswith a giving tonal push that digs deep into the groove.

Reference Metal Snares

When volume, cut, and projection are paramount in the live or recording environment, Pearl Reference Ultracast Metal Snare Drums are the key to the true sonic apex. Availablein a choice of seamless milled 3mm Brassor or 2.5mm Steel with 2.5mm edge "Rings", each drumrings with a unique clarion call that brings the drummer to the forefront.

Reference Pure

A smooth balance between pronounced cut and refined tonal punch, Reference Pure Snare Drums' light combination of premium shell and hardware materials create a distinct sonic presence that complements any drum set-up.

Masters Maple Gum

The natural warmth of Maple is enhanced by Gum wood’s dense, controlling character for a dynamic snare sound like no other.

Masters Maple Reserve

Derived from Pearl’s original Masters shell recipe, Masters Maple Reserve Snare Drums deliver a sophisticated, balanced tonal combination of powerful midrange and breathy snare shimmer.

Masters Maple Complete

Fully-loaded with all the elements that made Pearl’s Masters Series a must for the touring drummer, Masters Maple Complete snare drums offera tonally superior percussive statement for the road-ready pro.

Session Studio Select

Taking a tip from the Masterworks spectrum, Session Studio Select snare drums combine Masters-grade Birch and African Mahogany deliver a refined standout for recording and gigging.

Decade Maple Snare Drums

When practice time is over and it's time for the world to hear your drumming voice,Decade Maple snare drums bring all the drive and finesse of pure Maple are the perfect option for the pro player in the making.