Punchy Sonic Depth

Crystal Beat's unparalleled tonal (and visual) clarity delivers a one-two punch for a new breed of power players. Precision molded, seamless acrylic shells in a variety of available sizes and finishes for an unmistakable drumming signature. 

Crystal Beat Shells
  • 7mm Seamless Acrylic

    Molded (not rolled) for flexibility, body and tone. 

  • Dual 45° Bearing Edge

    For added control, increased articulation, and punch.

  • Head Turning Looks

    Its eye catching visuals make you the focus on stage.


Ready for The Spotlight.

The lugs, hoops, and mounts on each Crystal Beat drum are designed for a simple purpose: to keep the shells true, add to acrylic's streamlined clarity, and  stay out of your way. Included are light, sturdy 1.6mm triple-flange hoops, our CRBL insulated tom lug, and the OptiMount tom suspension system to keep mounting hardware off the shell.

Crystal Beat
  • CRBL Lugs

    Sleek, Simple, and Strong.

  • 1.6mm Triple-Flanged Hoops

    For attack and punchy tonal body.

  • OptiMount Tom Suspension

    Sturdy four point tom isolation mount.


A Vivid Combination of Tonal Power and Stunning Visual Appeal.

Loud and immediate, Pearl's Free Floating Snare System takes Crystal Beat's original Seamless Acrylic shell in a new, powerful direction.

Crystal Beat Snare
  • Free-Floating Chassis

    Die-Cast frame suspends the shell for uninhibited tonal body.

  • 7mm Seamless Acrylic Shell

    Create a versatile snare expansion for any drum set. 

  • Mastercast Die-Cast Hoops

    Engineered to enhance the overall weight and volume.


Clear Visual Advantage.

With four available cast Acrylic colors to choose from in all drum sets, and Ultra Clear available on all single-headed toms, Crystal Beat offers an added dimension of picture-worthy perfection to your stage presence.

Crystal Beat Series Drums
  • Three Transparents

    Ultra Clear, Tangerine Glass, and Ruby Red.

  • Catch the Light

    Frost Acrylic's sandblasted interiors are a stellar light diffuser. 

  • Single Headed Clear

    #730 Ultra Clear standard on all Single-Headed toms.