6-ply (7.5mm) Poplar Shells

Pearl Midtown Series Drums give you all the essential pieces to keep a centered pocket in tight spaces. The punchy warmth of its all Asian Poplar shells is ideal for filling small venues with the right amount of controlled power. Midtown is also an ideal solution for living space showcases, live streaming, and street performance.

MDT Shells
  • 6 Ply 7.5 mm Poplar Shells

    Quick and biting tonal attack with lively overtones.

  • 45° Bearing Edge

    For superbly articulate sensitivity.

  • Sound Beyond Size

    Surprisingly large tone from smaller sizes.


Impact Ready for Streetwise Players.

Featuring shell hardware from Pearl's best selling Export series, the Midtown is ready for optimum tonal performance and rock solid durability.

  • Strong Appointments

    Pearl tom arms, claw hooks, and hoops set the benchmark for quality.

  • Opti-Loc Tom Mount

    Three point tom isolation for secure play and prime tone.

  • Bass Drum Lift

    Elevates the 16" bass drum to centered striking position.


A Tight, Cracking Statement.

The Midtown 13"x5.5" Snare Drum. This all Poplar snare statement boasts a wide tuning range in a small frame. Exceptional for everything from low, gutteral dirge-n-drag, to tight, popping crack and accents.

  • 13"x5.5" 8 Lug Snare Drum

    Eight dual tuning points deliver increased tonal spectrum.

  • 1.6mm Steel Triple-Flanged Hoops

    Rigid performance for cracking accents and rimshots.

  • SR700 Snare Strainer

    A smooth snare strainer with simple, efficient action and added sensitivity.


Grooving in Style.

Midtown Series Drums are available in four different durable covered metallic finishes.

MDT764PC Midtown Series 33 Pure White
  • #704 Black Cherry Glitter

    A metallic glitter finish that will turn the focus on you!

  • #701 Black Gold Sparkle

    Understated with just the right amount of BLING!



16x14 bass drum

10x7 tom

13x12 floor tom

13x5.5 snare drum

TH70I tom holder