Individually engineered to make you sound (and play) better.

Derived from the shell blends of the sonically optimized Reference Recipe, each Reference Pure drum shell is comprised of reduced thickness premium wood layers. The resulting EvenPly shells beautifully capture every nuance of your unrestrained drumming voice.

  • A Lighter, Thinner Shell

    30% thinner plies create a shell with enhanced sustain and resonance.

  • Sonically Proven Performance

    Prime Maple, Birch, and Mahogany panels from our Masterworks vault.

  • Nuanced Near Field Sound

    Increased resonance, bottom end, and tone from the heads to your ears.  


Light in Weight, Heavy on Features.

Combining the ultra thin EvenPly shell with more efficient hardware reduces overall drum weight by 30%, increasing resonance, improving bottom end, and accentuating Reference Pure's nuanced, close range playing experience.

  • OptiMount Tom Suspension

    Solid four-point tom mounting system maintains resonance and tone.

  • FatTone 1.6mm Hoops

    Its strong low mass design reacts like a classic "stick chopper" hoop.

  • Swivel Tube Lugs

    For increased resonance, minimal shell contact, and self aligned fine tuning.


A Single Hit is All It Takes.

A smooth balance between pronounced cut and refined tonal punch, Reference Pure's Snare combination of premium materials creates a distinct sound that complements any drum setup.

RFP Snare
  • Maple/Birch Shell

    EvenPly-Six, 5.4mm shell blend for balanced pop and crisp sensitivity.

  • Swivel Tube Lugs

    For low contact, maximum resonance, and precision rod alignment.

  • FatTone Hoops

    Pearl's 1.6mm hemmed/welded edge for high strength and low weight. 


A True Work of Art.

The Reference Pure  Recipe can be finished in over 60 different varieties of Lacquer or Premium Wrap finishes. 

Reference Pure Finishes
  • An Heirloom Expression

    All Reference Pure Series finishes were developed for our Masterworks Custom drums.

  • Premium Lacquer finishes

    Choose from a wide variety of gloss or satin lacquers, each featuring our 28-Step finishing process

  • Premium Wrap finishes

    A diverse range of Pearl premium wrap finish options



20x14 Bass Drum

12x8 Tom

14x14 Floor Tom 


22x16 Bass Drum

12x8 Tom

16x16 Floor Tom


24x14 Bass Drum

13x9 Tom

16x14 Floor Tom


24x14 Bass Drum

13x9 Tom

16x16 Floor Tom


20x14 Bass Drum

10x7 and 12x8 Tom

14x12 Floor Tom


22x18 Bass Drum

10x7 and 12x8 Tom

16x14 Floor Tom


22x18 Bass Drum

10x7 and 12x8 Tom

16x16 Floor Tom


22x18 Bass Drum

10x8 and 12x9 Tom

16x16 Floor Tom