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Percussion Stands

Clamps & Accessories

Pearl's vast selection of percussion clamps & accessories provides the ultimate performance and dependability for the gigging percussionist in any genre. 


PCS-10 Cowbell Stacker

The PCS-10 Cowbell Stacker fits on any 3/8” diameter post and gives you room to place another bell, block, or tambourine without cramming onto a single post. The PCS-10 can be mounted horizontally or vertically, allowing the flexibility for hanging hand-held percussion.

PPS-35 Angled Single Post Holder

The PPS-35 Angled Single Post Holder is a simple, yet secure holder with a knurled 3/8” post angled enough to tilt your mountable bells, blocks and tambourines to the perfect position.

PPS-37 Adjustable Holder

The PPS-37 Adjustable Holder is completely self-contained and consists of a quick on/off bracket and adjustable L-arm.

PPS-40 Lug Mount Holder

The Pearl PPS-40 is the perfect way to add a bell or block directly to your conga drum. It easily attaches right to the conga lug.

PPS-81 Percussion Rack

The Pearl PPS-81 is a 12" percussion rack with 4 posts for mounting and arranging various percussion instruments. Mounts easily to most stands.

PPS-82 Percussion Rack

The Pearl PPS-82 is an 18" mountable percussion rack with 6 posts for mounting and arranging various percussion instruments. Mounts easily to most stands.

PGB-10 Gock Block Holder

The PGB-10 Gock Block Holder allows you to safely and comfortably hold any small percussion instrument that attaches to a 3/8" rod.

PJBS-350 Djem-Bass Attachment

The PJBS-350 Djem-Bass Attachment allows you to convert any Pearl 14" djembe into a sub-sonic bass drum. To reduce the attack and add greater “lows,” we have included a cloth cap that stretches around the head. For smoother low-end with a slightly reduced attack, slip the included neoprene disc inside, allowing for two distinct sound options. A pedal (not included) attaches via an I.S.S. clamp to the djembe’s stand mounting plate. Includes two legs with mounting hardware, pedal bracket, head cover and neoprene muffler.